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    Problem when recording a ''software stimulation'' in Captivate 6




      I used to create my projects in Captivate 5  via  ''software stimulation'' (recording power points which was opened in mimiostudio). The ''record type'' was full motion and mannual panning.


      In Captivate 6 i cant see the full motion record type.


      I dont know if this is the reason why all the record ''experience'' is totally different in Captivate 6. More specific, when i stop the recording i see a blue line in my project, a icon of a mouse is appeared down of every slide and finally, i dont have only one slide on my project but many many more


         Why all these complicated situations ????





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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Captivate 6 has the new Video Demo mode for recording the type of FMV software tutorials you did before.  It's much better.  Trust me.


          Go to File > Record New Video Demo...


          For tutorials about it, Google on "captivate 6 video demo"

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            Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Bit more information: FMR still exists, but not as an option to create a totally recorded demo, only when using the Automatic Capture that creates slides, FMR will still be used for mouse actions like scrolling and drag&drop. The quality of FMR, even when set to 32-bit is much lower than the new HD Video Demo mode. However you are not creating a cptx-file but a cpvc-file that can be edited in a dedicated video editor. This is explained very clearly in the tutorials you'll find on YouTube.


            What is less often explained is the fact that you can also insert Recorded slide in that new Video mode in a regular cptx file. Like with FMR in Automatic Capture, you'll create then separate slides with the typical red line indicating video mode (no difference with FMR for the look in the timeline). Again, compared with FMR the quality of those slides is much better, and editing will again be done in the same Video editor as for a full recorded HD Video.