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    Cannot Import After Effects Composition into Premiere CS5.5.

    donttouchitproductions Level 1

      So here's my issue:


      I made an After Effects Project and I'm using Dynamic Link to bring it over into Premiere.  My project, and all of its compositions are fine. But, I recently created a new composition and created my animation on it or whatever. Now, when I go to import it to Premiere, its not there. I've saved, I've tried precomposing, and it lets me import other compositions from that very same After Effects Project. I've saved it, I've closed and reopened both premiere and after effects, I've restarted my computer. And please, oh please. Don't tell me I need to reinstall all of my programs. I get that answer all too often.


      Extra Details:


      I noticed that my composition (inside After Effects) is open and editable at the bottom of the screen. But, in the "bin area" or whatever it's called, my composition isn't listed there after I created it and did all this work and I believe Dynamic Link is using that list to import the project over to Premiere. So how would I get it to show up on that list?