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    Extension Manager


      I am working on extension manager and disabling a lot of extensions for InDesign CS5.5 and I have a master one ready to go. I would like to copy that file to 100+users but I don’t know where that file lives in InDesign CS5.5. Might someone know where I could find it, hate to do this manually to all those users?


      Windows 7

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          If all extensions you disabled are built-in extensions of InDesign (Those extensions displayed in Extension Manager when you launch Extension Manager for the first time), you can copy "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 7.5\<YourLocale>\PlugInConfig.txt" to the corresponding location of other users' computers. <YourLocale> may be "en_US", "fr_FR" or something similar.


          If some of extensions you disabled is not built-in extensions, it becomes a little complicated. if you can't find plugin-manager-type="all-users" in their mxi file, you have to delete corresponding mxi file from "C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5.5\Configuration\Extensions" folder of other users' computer as well.


          You should only do it this way in CS5.5 or lower. In Extension Manager CS6, you should create a new extension set, configure this set as you want (uncheck all extensions you want to disable), save and export it to a XML file, copy this XML file to other computers, import it in other computers and make it active extension set.

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            asfgsdvg56 Level 1

            PERFECT, just what I was looking for....I was wondering if I installed the Extention Manager CS6 but all my other apps are CS5.5 would the CS6 manager work?




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              asfgsdvg56 Level 1

              Hey all still need help, so I was able to find the PlugInConfig.txt file and saw the results of the exclusions when I opened the test file....for testing I delete a few from the text file went back to manager but it kept those on, I closed manager thinking it would put them back on the text file but it did not...so that does not seem correct to me?


              I went ahead and took the PlugInConfig.txt file and moved it to my desktop, launched the manager but all the extensions were still on, I would have thought by removing the PlugInConfig.txt file it would put the extensions to their original state. As more testing I took the PlugInConfig.txt and put n on my test but nothing happened, I have doing all kinds of testing to see how this is writing to the manager but can’t seem to find that info...any advice would be great...

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                asfgsdvg56 Level 1

                Sorry all, got it figured out. Had to make my test user as a local admin...

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                  Carl Sun Level 4

                  No. Extension Manager CS6 only manages extensions for CS6 applications.

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                    Carl Sun Level 4

                    You shouldn't edit PluginConfig.txt manually. When you enable/disable/remove InDesign extensions, Extension Manager will modify this file.