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    Signature with ePadInk by Interlink with Acrobat XI


      I currently use Adobe Pro 9.0 and Integrisign Desktop Plug in for 9.0 to sign my documents with my signature pad. When I tried to upgrade to XI there does not seem anywhere to change the plug in to use the pad to sign with a signature pad in XI, did they take out this function? Or if anyone knows where to change this that would be great. Thanks for help in advance.

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          Steven.Madwin Adobe Employee

          Integrisign has to update their installer to look for Acrobat version XI. When they created the installer (their installer, not the Acrobat installer) they make it smart enough to look for the current version of Acrobat, but not future versions of Acrobat (nor would I expect them to because they don't know for sure how we are going to structure the plug-in folder). That said, if you still have the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 9.0\Acrobat\plug_ins folder on the computer you can copy the Integrisign plug-in to the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\plug_ins folder.