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    Problem with alignment

    VojislavM Level 1

      I made starter page for my site www.vojislavmarkovic.com with Adobe Edge Animate and I am very excited about how Animate works.But I had few problems working with it.When you hover mouse over a design button a lot of squares starts popin out forming a colorful picture.But if you look closely you can see some jagged edges, some alignment problems and maybe some space between some squares which depends on browser you're using.These squares are all PNG files with transparency and perfectly aligned in Animate but when opened in diferent browsers you get different results.So I suppose Animate is not WYSIWYG animate tool or this is problem with CSS browser's incompatibility?There are also some problems with Animate UI,and some other annoyances but I asume Adobe already is working to fix them.Anyhow Animate is great tool and I hope it will become powerfull like Flash!