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    After effects performance issues on mac pro 12-core


      Hello everyone,


      I feel as if i keep making similar posts to this, but for some reason i am still not satisfied with my machine. Im using a mac pro 12-core 2.4GHz with 40gigs of ram installed and a ATI Radeon 5770 graphics card.


      I finally got around to getting my SSD set up and i have all of my applications installed on it along with the OS. i also have all of my cache files set to my WD hard drive so I'm not clogging up my 120GB SSD. My SSD has 40gigs left so i figure i shouldn't go any lower than that to keep the performance of the drive at its fullest potential.


      I do a lot of work in after effects CS6 and i feel that the machine is still going slow.. I was working on a project last night and when i went to do a RAM preview i kept getting the beach ball and after effects would glitch up.. what would be the main cause of this? could it have been that the destination file i was working with was on my WD drive and not the SSD?


      I don't know what it is i need to keep adding to this machine to finally be satisfied with its performance.. My next investment would most likely be a GTX 570 to enable CUDA cores for open GL rendering, but i still feel that i should still be getting great performance now.


      Any suggestions? maybe I'm doing something wrong?


      Thanks in advance!