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    Nook HD +

    hizblessings Level 1

      ADE does not come with the Nook HD+, so all the fixes I found to make ADE recognize the Nook won't work. How can I make it work with my Nook HD+? Is it as easy as an install from the web browser? I don't want to break my new device, so I am a little skeptical.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Ummm...  ADE software does not load onto the Nook.


          ADE supports only certain ereaders.  The list of supported devices is

          located HERE <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>,

          and the Nook HD is not listed.  So, ADE does not support your device and

          you cannot use ADE to download and transfer ebooks to it.




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            hizblessings Level 1

            I saw the list you mention in your post before posing the question. I can't help but wonder if that list hasn't been updated because other devices are listed, but greyed out when they aren't supported. The Nook HD+ isn't even listed. I know it will work because the SD card I had from my Nook Color had .ascm files on it and it saw them and I could read them, but the thumbnails didn't display and the Nook didn't show up in ADE on my PC. A bit more work on my part to load them, but the files will work on the Nook HD+... If I could install ADE, then perhaps I could see the Nook HD+ in ADE on my PC and the thumbnails may be viewable as well.


            Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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              Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

              ‘Sideloading’ non-B&N content to these devices can still be done, but with an added layer of complexity; as the device is no longer compatible with ADE (despite the inclusion of an on-board reader calling itself Adobe Digital Editions, complete with the ability to authorize it with an AID) we no longer have the luxury of Digital Edition’s graphical interface to accomplish this.


              Currently, sideloading can only be performed by copying and pasting the content files from the source directory to the ‘Internal Storage\B&N Downloads\Books’ directory on the device itself, then (on the device) going into ‘Library’, ‘Books’, entering the menu setting and selecting ‘Refresh’.


              Way too complicated, IMO.  Pretty sure B&N did this intentionally in order to discourage NOOK owners from purchasing from 3rd party content providers.


              EDIT: This pertains to the NOOK HD/HD+ only.

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                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                I had said something similar in my response, but you've added details that

                put things in context.


                I agree that B&N is moving toward a tight link between its NOOK products

                and the B&N bookstore.  However, it's just possible that the OS in the HD+

                is an Android system, which would require different links with ADE.


                And, if I were Adobe, I'd sue B&N for copyright infringement along with

                other stuff.




                On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 12:40 PM, Sopwithcamel74

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                  bookworm41570 Level 1

                  I was having the same issue.  If you were using Adobe Digital for books you were checking out from the library try this.  Download the app Overdrive Media Console.  Once installed, go to the bookshelf, then click add library.  I think that's how I did it, if not, just follow the directions in the help section of the app. It's pretty simple from there.  Hope this helps.

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                    Sweetpea8776 Level 1

                    Hi all,


                    I just had a lengthy online chat session with a member of the B&N Digital Support team. After some tiresome unsuccessful tries at different solutions, here are the instructions I received for getting books from ADE to your NookHD/NookHD+:


                    We changed our file transfer method to a new one (Media File Transfer Protocol), which is not recognized by desktop ADE yet.

                    To activate books on NOOK HD devices, users will have to:

                    1. Transfer ADE books from desktop (User/Documents/Digital Editions folder) to device using our file transfer (drag & drop)

                    2. They will appear in Library -> My Files

                    3. Connect to Wi-Fi with good-to-excellent signal strength

                    4. Tap on the book to open

                    5. Input their ADE account credentials into the credential form (username in the first field and password in the second)

                    6. Press "OK" button

                    7. Book will open

                    8. All the subsequent books from the same ADE account will open after this (user will no longer need to perform all the steps or have Wi-Fi, just transfer books to device and tap on them

                    Or, 1. Connect to Wi-Fi with good-to-excellent signal strength

                    2. Go to Settings ->Account Settings -> Adobe Digital Editions

                    3. Tap on "Add User" button

                    4. Input their ADE account credentials into the credential form (username in the first field and password in the second)

                    5. Press "OK" button

                    6. Transfer ADE books from desktop (User/Documents/Digital Editions folder) to device using our file transfer (drag & drop)

                    7. They will appear in Library -> My Files

                    8. Tap on any file -> it will open


                    I then proceeded to ask him the following:


                    Since this additional step does make the process LESS convenient, do you know if there are any plans to make the process more like it was before? Essentially to make the NookHD show up in ADE for direct transfers like all the previous devices?

                    His response: Sorry we do not have information regarding that. It seems that the NOOK developer integrated ADE on the device so you may no longer need to use ADE to transfer the items from the computer to the NOOK.


                    I was able to use this method to get books on there. Hope this helps you guys. Be interested to hear your feedback.

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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      That's good information!  However.....  And it's a big 'HOWEVER'!


                      ADE software does not run on a Nook because it is NOT compatible with the

                      Nook's operating system.  In addition, ADE is copyrighted code.  If a "Nook

                      developer" did manage to "integrate" ADE on the Nook, then he is in

                      copyright violation, and it would be illegal for him to do that without a

                      license agreement with Adobe.  That can't occur for the first reason - the

                      software is not compatible with the Nook OS.


                      This is another case of 'helpful' customer support folks at B&N not knowing

                      an iota of what they're talking about.  What they did say that was true is

                      that there's another way to transfer ebooks to the Nook.


                      What appears to have happened is that the Nook developers figured out a way

                      to process the ADE files on the Nook.  And they have established a 'login

                      process' on the Nook to identify the ADE user and activate their file

                      processing after the initial login.  That also may be a copyright violation.



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                        Sweetpea8776 Level 1

                        Hmm. That's interesting.


                        ADE is definitely not integrated on the Nook in the way you may be referring to (though I may be misunderstanding your reply). In the Settings, there is an option for adding an authorized ADE user, but I took it to be similar to saving, for example, my Email username and password on there so that I wouldn't be prompted for it (essentially just saving login info).


                        I've never had to log-in to access ADE files before (on previous Nook devices) so I'm wondering if this is really needed or not.



                        Also, not sure what to think of this but I logged into ADE on my home computer which is a Mac and the NookHD is recognized within the ADE software (comes up on the sidebar as previous devices had). Interesting considering all of the above and the fact that it is not yet on the "supported devices" list... Wondering if there is something updated in the ADE Mac software that's not yet on the PC software.

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                          bookworm41570 Level 1

                          Doesnt work on my PC.  I connect my Nook HD+ to the computer and it comes up as a "portable device" and doesnt let me manage it, I can not drag & drop anything.  The only way Ive been able to move files is to remove the SD card from  the new Nook, put it back into the old Nook and connect it the computer. Move the files I need and then swap the SD card again.  Too much work, sooooo frustrating. Am I doing something wrong?

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                            Sweetpea8776 Level 1

                            Bookworm, are you using Windows XP? If so, you have to make sure you have Windows Media Player 11 or later installed for your computer to recognize your Nook (according to the BN website).


                            Also, try taking out your SD card prior to plugging your Nook into the computer, if you haven't already.


                            When you go to your My Computer folder, you should be able to see it as a "removable device" there.

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                              Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                              My calls to the NOOK support team prior to my post two weeks ago were met with surprise on their end.  After I'd detailed the process that I outlined above, they proceeded to tell me that the new devices could still sideload via ADE.  Only after telling them that I'd thorougly tested both models and that this was simply not true did they admit that the functionality with the desktop versions of ADE no longer existed.


                              Authorizing the device can be done prior to sideloading in the Settings menu.  And I'm not convinced that it affects DRM one way or the other, as I was able to successfully sideload and view a title authorized initially with another company's Vendor ID without a single error.


                              Bollocks, if you ask me.  This is as janky a product release as I've seen.

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                                Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                Also - my testing encompassed both Windows and Macintosh platforms.  As was corroborated by B&N themselves, I'm unable to get either model to appear under either ADE 1.7.2, ADE 1.8 Preview, or via ADE 2.0 (Under 'Devices').



                                Any recommendations on your part?  I've got a lot of experience dealing with both ADE and the NOOK line, but maybe I'm just missing something.

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                                  Sweetpea8776 Level 1

                                  I would stick with the drop-and-drag for now, if you can. Hopefully, with one of the Nook updates, there could be a way to incorporate ADE use better. Also, it's still a new product and I find scouring the forums such as this one for the next few months allows for a pretty good sharing of ideas/solving of issues. Seems to work for me most of the time.


                                  As far as my Mac, it was the first time I introduced my Nook to my home computer (it was more important for me to be able to connect it to my work PC first because that's where I get all of my reading material) and it showed up in ADE on the sidebar right away. This was AFTER I had set up my ADE login information in my Nook settings so I don't know if that had anything to do with it.


                                  Previously, when I had issues with my NookColor being recognized with ADE, I found (on some forum) information on changing the name of the ADE file folder that shows up in your Nook folders. Don't think that will help with the NookHD/HD+ issue though.

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                                    Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                    Based on your earlier post, I was under the impression that you'd somehow managed to make the NOOK HD/HD+ appear in ADE, which seemed to have been the OP's primary concern...


                                    I've had weeks to make peace with the need to use Explorer to handle the transfer process.  But not everyone is (or will be) as comfortable with doing so.


                                    I also find it a bit funny how each firmware update to the NOOK Classic models, Color, Tablet, and SimpleTouch models generally result in the 'user not activated' error that requires you to delete the Adobe folders, de-authorize, then re-authorize the devices.  Could be sheer coincidence, but color my a cynic in thinking that B&N just wants to make it difficult for its customers to acquire content from 3rd party providers.

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                                      cmw08292 Level 1

                                      Honestly, the drag and drop solution isn't an issue for me - not much more effort than dragging and dropping within ADE. The worst thing is that my non-techie DH is "trained" on ADE/Nook Simple Touch. He's not very comfortable with Windows Explorer.  It would be so much nicer if they could make the tablet-type devices work within ADE.

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                                        Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                        I agree with this 100%.

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                                          bookworm41570 Level 1

                                          Sweetpea - yes, I'm using XP & I did update the media player, it was one of the first things I did.  The Nook HD+ does show up in My Computer but only as a "portable device" not a "removable device" & doesnt let me manage it. To me this should be something so simple for B&N to fix, I dont understand why it's this difficult.

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                                            Sweetpea8776 Level 1

                                            I was able to get my NookHD to show up in ADE on my Mac - but I'm not sure how as it was the first time trying. Like I said, I did enter my ADE login info on my Nook FIRST, but I don't know if that's what did it.


                                            I agree with you. Drag-and-drop is not that difficult but being as I've helped many senior citizens and less technically-able people with their Nooks and computer issues in the past, I can imagine it seeming rather daunting to them.


                                            Haven't had the issues with Nook updates as you said but I can definitely see your point there. It shouldn't be that complicated.

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                                              myke413 Level 1

                                              That list hasn;t been updated in who knows how long, cus I used to have a Nook Tablet and I was able to use ADE to sideload books I had bought from Kobo onto it, and the NT is not in that list.

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                                                Sweetpea8776 Level 1

                                                I would definitely recommend an online chat session with a BN rep if only to put the pressure on them to get it moving. It's time-consuming but, like I said, since the product is still new, the more pressure they get on the Support side and the more contact they have with customer frustrations, the better.

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                                                  myke413 Level 1

                                                  I connected y Nook HD+ to my laptop and transferred the ebook files I wanted to sideload to it, but they haven't shown up on the device. I contacted Nook's Digital Support and they gave me step by step how to install ADE and get it running on my laptop but I already had it installed on my laptop, all I ended up doing was downloading the newest version of it. Now, when I try to authorize my computer with ADE, I get an error pop up saying there was a server error with the activation.

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                                                    myke413 Level 1

                                                    Soo... I just went into Settings on my HD+, found the ADE section and signed into my ADE account. Now all I have to do is connect the Nook to my laptop and transfer the files to the device for them to appear, and now I basically don't need to have ADE on my laptop?


                                                    If that's the case, and this works (I'm at my gf's house, my Nook usb cord is at home) I'm gonna be very happy, cus I recently bought a book on Kobo for half of what B&N sells it.

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                                                      myke413 Level 1

                                                      Or, the fact that we can "activate" our ADE I.D. on the new Nook's, is a way to more easily transfer the files we want onto the device(s)?

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                                                        Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                        The only reason that you'd need ADE is if it's required to download eBooks from the company they're sourced to.  If it's not required as part of the download then you won't need it to move your items to the NOOK.


                                                        I'd love to see a screen capture for anyone who's had success getting either of the HD models to show up in ADE...

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                                                          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                                          Let me provide some context.


                                                          Digital Editions is one software package that is designed to manage the

                                                          transfer of ebooks and other epublications from a source to your computer.

                                                          It then can manage them as a 'library management system' and as a

                                                          computer-based ereader.  It can transfer or print ebooks that have the

                                                          proper digital rights settings.  It has certain industry standard software

                                                          functions built into it, such as digital rights management (DRM) which was

                                                          developed in large part by Adobe.  And, it conforms to the Digital

                                                          Millenium Copyright Act of 2000 (DMCA).


                                                          Other software packages, such as Overdrive, Bluefire Reader and Calibre do

                                                          much the same thing, but not necessarily the same way.  Amazon and Apple

                                                          have chosen to do it differently.  SONY, B&N, Amazon and Apple also have

                                                          chosen to implement additional functions that bind their ereaders more

                                                          tightly to their sites.  Amazon, SONY and B&N can transfer from their

                                                          websites directly to your computer, and then to your ereader, and you don't

                                                          need to install DE to do that.


                                                          DE is most often 'specified' by epublication sites because it is recognized

                                                          as a de facto standard.  As you point out, however, it may not be required

                                                          to download ebooks from websites - including those who 'specify' DE.  The

                                                          catch comes when publishers, distributors or authors have specified certain

                                                          digital rights and you need to use a software package that will handle

                                                          DRM.  DE does this, but Calibre does not, for example.


                                                          So much for software.  Now - the hardware....


                                                          DE is designed to run on Windows and Mac OS on computers.  It does not run

                                                          on any Android devices, nor on others that use a different OS, including

                                                          UNIX/LINUX.  It supports ereaders that can support the transfer protocol

                                                          designed back in the late 1990's, and Adobe does test new devices

                                                          constantly, to see that they will work with DE.  However, as we all know,

                                                          the hardware marketplace is moving at tremendous speed, and Adobe can't

                                                          keep up.  Nobody can.  So, if your device doesn't show up in Adobe's list

                                                          of supported devices, you're on your own to find a way to make it work - if

                                                          you want to go through the trouble to do that.....


                                                          The more people who report ways they've found to interface with DE, the

                                                          better.  But remember that many of those 'ways' are not necessarily

                                                          supported by either Adobe or the device manufacturer.  SONY and B&N are

                                                          exceptions, because they let you know how to do that.  But 'flybynight'

                                                          ereaders, made in China, may lie to you.  To be fair, though, some hardware

                                                          manufacturers provide apps that link their devices to DE, and they might

                                                          work.  The direction of technology seems to be to integrate ereading into

                                                          tablets the way that B&N did with the Nook HD+.



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                                                            Jim_Lester Level 4

                                                            Sopwith - won't happen.  Sweatpea's answer #6 is correct in all respects.  It's up to the Adobe folks to decide to support MTP mass storage devices as well as USB mass storage devices in ADE. Until then Nook HD's will not show up in ADE.  (IIRC, it will work for Mac, but not Windows).



                                                            On the other hand, you don't need ADE anymore if you don't want to use it.

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                                                              Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                              What won't happen, precisely?  I'm not sure that I follow which answer you're attempting to validate that I disagreed with.


                                                              As I mentioned, I've tested these devices rather thoroughly on both Mac and Windows environments, and have yet to get either to appear in the 'Devices' section of ADE 2.0.


                                                              Further, I've tested all prior NOOK models sans the addition of a mass storage medium - they all accomodate sideloading by way of ADE without issue.  ADE - when transferring content to those very same older models of the NOOK while the devices are connected  and in 'USB Mode' - does not care whether it sees the device's onboard media drive or a mass storage chip.


                                                              To speak to your previous post:


                                                              Your description of ADE is fine in and of itself, but you are aware that the B&N inclusion of a 'Reader' that's described explicitly as 'Adobe Digital Editions' represents the first time (unless i'm mistaken) that a mobile application on any platform has been given that distinction?


                                                              Many devices and software programs - from those you've mention, to others like Aldiko, Kalahari, ect. - have been 'powered by Adobe', but this move by B&N appears to represent a genuine change in philosophy, even though they won't share what their precise end-goal is.


                                                              As was mentioned elsewhere in this thread, the 'supported devices' list, while great, isn't all-encompassing.  It's best used as a reference, but not a definitive resource.  A device manufacturer's tech support/customer support team will often provide a more comprehensive answer in regards to their device's compability with the various technologies that are out there.


                                                              You do make a lot of good points that may not be that obvious to some... But it still doesn't seem to speak directly to the problem outlined by the OP, which is that the vast majority of us simply cannot get either NOOK HD models to work with the ADE graphic interface.

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                                                                Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                                Also - has anyone been able to get the NOOK HD to recognize and/or open a non-B&N Adobe Content Server Management (.acsm) file?

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                                                                  bookworm41570 Level 1

                                                                  Ok, so after many hours on the phone w/B&N, I was finally transferred to a "level 2" support team member. As far as the PC not syncing right w/the Nook HD+ to allow me to transfer files such as movies, books, pics and music, all I needed to do was go into the settings of the Nook & enable ADB? To me this should be automatically enabled, and if not, that should be the first thing phone support checks when you call and say your Nook HD+ isnt syncing. Now, as far as transferring the Adobe Digital books that I check out from the online library, they were no help at all.  They say it works but it doesnt & when we walk through it together it didnt work, they had no idea why & said they would work on it?  They go around to this is to use Overdrive which works perfectly fine but my argument with B&N is if you say it works with Adobe Digital it should.

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                                                                    bookworm41570 Level 1

                                                                    B&N is working on the acsm file, when I was talking with them last night, they guy said I wasnt downloading the correct format, PDF or ePub, I assured him I was & when I went to the containing folder it is automatically being saved as acsm.

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                                                                      Jim_Lester Level 4

                                                                      ADE then takes the acsm file and downloads a PDF or epub.  The acsm file is just a pointer to the real book not the book itself.

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                                                                        Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                                        If they allow non-B&N files with the .acsm extension to be handled by the device, it opens the door for 3rd party content providers to modify the content servers themselves to allow downloads to that family of devices.


                                                                        This would be an ideal solution, but I won't hold my breath for it to happen, as B&N knows that content is their king.  Why work with another company to cut into thier own bottom line?

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                                                                          bookworm41570 Level 1

                                                                          I can get acsm file onto the nook HD+ but when I go to open it, it says its not supported.  B&N says it should be because ADE is built into the new devices. They are working on this.

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                                                                            Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                                            If they truly intend to do this, it would open the door for any content provider who's using the Adobe Content Server model for digital distribution to get their wares directly to the NOOK - no more sideloading.


                                                                            If that's their ultimate endgame, it makes one wonder if they rushed the device to market before it's time.  There was a firmware update available almost immediately after the sale date...  Was the 'fully featured' version of the onboard version of ADE also supposed to have been more feature-laden?  Nothing happens when you click on the listing for the Reader under the Applications sub-menu...


                                                                            I'd wager they were in a hurry to divert some of the attention away from the Kindle HD, iPad Mini and the new Google tablet so that they'd have a bit of momentum headed into the holiday purchasing season...

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                                                                              Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                                              Before my initial post on the 15th, I'd attempted to download the .acsm files directly, and also tried copying them via Explorer to see if they'd open on the device.  Neither method yeilded any positive results.


                                                                              I've heard that some folks are looking at a solution based around the boot sequence on these new models as well.  Not a 'true' device rootkit, but simply forcing another program to run using the hardware without killing the firmware.  It's also not an ideal solution, but if it works I'd like to see it in action.

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                                                                                Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                                                                                Ah, the twisted logic trap, once again.


                                                                                You're not getting the Nook HD+ to work with Adobe because it's not

                                                                                supported.  It won't appear in the Devices section for that reason.  B&N

                                                                                made it that way.  The List of Supported Devices is not a guideline or

                                                                                suggestion.  It's a statement from Adobe as to which devices have been

                                                                                tested and will work with ADE.  And there are errors in the list: SONY says

                                                                                specifically that their PRS-T1 is not supported by ADE, while it appears on

                                                                                Adobe's list.  There are lots of folks out here that can't get it to work

                                                                                with ADE, despite the statement of support.  I warn people constantly that

                                                                                statements from the device's technical/customer support function about

                                                                                'compatibility with' or 'works with' ADE are just that - their statements.

                                                                                If you're having a problem, then it's not working - and they don't have any

                                                                                other answer.  Beware the man who sells you the shirt off his back.


                                                                                Yes, B&N seems to have followed the lead of SONY in establishing a 'Reader'

                                                                                library,and I'm going to presume that it will work the same way that the

                                                                                SONY version does: you attach your ereader to the computer, connect to B&N

                                                                                and follow their steps to access, download and transfer ebooks via the

                                                                                Reader library support.  This is similar to Amazon and a couple of other

                                                                                ebooksellers.  With B&N moving in this direction, I look to them to develop

                                                                                a discrete, and perhaps non-compatible, version of EPUB, so they can

                                                                                capture their customers tightly.


                                                                                You mention B&N having a 'Adobe Digital Editions' app loaded on their

                                                                                device. This is a misnomer.  B&N have not engineered the ADE code so that

                                                                                it will run on the Nook HD+, nor has Adobe given them the license to do

                                                                                so.  What &N have done is mislead their customers into thinking that they

                                                                                have ADE software on their tablet.  From what I can tell, this is just code

                                                                                that will support the ADE formats, just like apps on other devices.  Maybe

                                                                                it works - maybe not.  I don't have a Nook HD+, so I cant' tell from

                                                                                experience.  And I've been a very naughty boy this year, so Santa isn't

                                                                                likely at all to bring me one.



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                                                                                  Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                                                  I have the NOOK HD and the HD + - everything that I've said is from first-hand experience, and I stand by it.


                                                                                  All NOOKs have been 'powered by Adobe' to some extent or another, in the sense that they DO comply with Adobe's DRM standards.  This is a fact, and not an obscure one.  I'm looking at the devices right now on my desk: The NOOK HD and HD+ do, in fact, possess a reader that is called 'Adobe Digital Editions'.


                                                                                  No one here has claimed that it's anything other than what it's labeled as.  Implications as to it's origin and intent are being speculated because B&N is being obtuse, either purposefully or due to the shortcomings of their lower-tier support.  That wouldn't make it a 'misnomer' as you say, because this fact isn't known to be wrong by those who - like me - have been using these devices.


                                                                                  I agree that B&N is notorious for misleading their customers, but I'm pretty sure that Adobe isn't going to sit quitely while someone uses their product branding without authorization....

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                                                                                    Sopwithcamel74 Level 1

                                                                                    FINALLY - I've been able to get the NOOK HD/HD+ to show up as a 'Device' in ADE for Macintosh, but not in Windows.


                                                                                    On my Mac, there is a file called MyNook Setup.pkg that shows up on the root folder of the device via Finder.  There doesn't appear to be a file equivalent to this for PC users - linking to the url http://www.NOOK.com/MyNOOKSetup leads to a zip file that only contains files for the Mac file transfer setup.


                                                                                    Are Windows users still out of luck, or has anyone been able to figure out a way to get either the HD or the HD+ to show up as a device in Windows ADE?

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                                                                                      ColoradoReader215 Level 1

                                                                                      I just happened to come across a similar problem with my mother's new Nook HD for her books she checks out through the library. HOWEVER, we did find that B&N has available through their site free apps for both libraries that use Overdrive Media Console as well as libraries that use the 3M Cloud Library. All you need to do is download these free apps to be able to directly download from your library's site into your Nook.


                                                                                      Overdrive Media Console: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/overdrive-media-console-overdrive-inc/1113021293


                                                                                      3M Cloud Library: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/3m-cloud-library-3m-company/1113021300


                                                                                      Once you have downloaded the correct app for your local library you can access the app in with all of your other apps. Within the app it's self is where you can find your library books. My mother was so excited to find out we could do this. She is good with a computer but it takes her a few times to learn how to do the file transfers/drag&drop so for a direct download to be available is a really big relief to her not having to learn something new and complicated.


                                                                                      As far as books from other sites, I'm not sure that these apps would download them, however I haven't had a chance to test that theory out.


                                                                                      Hope this helps some of you out and wishing you all the best.

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