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    Zapf Dingbats bad font replacement in FM10

    rlauriston Community Member

      FM10 unstructured, Windows 7 64-bit, working with documents I inherited in which a Zapf Dingbats character tag was used for bullets in paragraph tags.


      Opening one of those documents gives the message, "The 'Zapfdingbats' Font is not available. It will be replaced by 'AdobePiStd'." Bullets appear as question marks.


      ZapfDingbats BT is installed and appears in the FM font menus. If I change the Bullet character tag from Adobe Pi Std to ZapfDingbats BT, the bullets look right.


      The conversion is set in maker.ini as follows:


      Zapfdingbats, *,*= Adobe Pi Std,*,*


      I tried deleting that line, had no effect. I tried replacing it with the following, had no effect:


      Zapfdingbats, *,*= ZapfDingbats BT,*,*


      Is there some system-level way to fix this? It would be annoying to have to update the style in every document.