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    "Ask a Question"


      I have submitted many questions on the FAQ page on the line below "Ask a Question" using the submit button, but I cannot find it posted anywhere, nor do I receive any responses.  This seems to be non-functional.

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          dave_m_k Adobe Employee

          It would seem you were able to get your questions posted. 


          Please let us know if you have any further issues and we'll investigate.



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            KenAK52 Level 1

            Yeah, I gradually figured it out. The way the support web page is laid out, it implies that if your question hasn't previously been asked and answered, it will be automatically be posted from that line. Dumping you into a general forum page with no further explanation seemed kind of random.

            Maybe more seasoned users "get it", I didn't, at least nosy right away.




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              dave_m_k Adobe Employee

              Hi Ken,


              We're working on the user experience for asking questions, I know it's a bit convoluted right now.



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