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    Package command line app with AIR app

    TheDollarBill Level 1

      Forgive me if I seem completely dense, but I've been googling and forum finding and hair pulling all day on this.


      I wrote a command line application and I call it from my air application.  It all works just fine, but right now the location of the command line application is hard coded.  I want to know:

      1) What is the actionscript that allows me to refer my nativeProcess call to a an application that is packaged with the air app when I export?

      2) Where do I place the command line application in the file system of flash builder to bundle it with everything when I export?


      I realize it'll be different for mac and windows, but I need to do both.  I'm starting with the mac.  Right now as far as I know I can put the command line app in the source folder and that all ends up in the .app/contents/resources folder, but I'm not exactly sure how to reference that in actionscript or if I can or if I should?  I don't know.  Clue me in?