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    CS6.0.2 Merged clip bugs

    RBemendo Level 1

      Having struggled with my typical editing style using dual sync sound i've been able to replicate a few bugs, by listing them here my hope is to get other editors using "merged clips" with dual sync sound can find a solution around them.  This has come up a few times in the forums but hasn't specifically addressed the bugs.




      These bugs are with using Merged clips.

      1. using the match frame command from a clip in a sequence and then using a replace edit from source monitor on another clip, matches frame on video, but sync is off on the audio.  Using match frame on the newly replaced clip does reconnect to the correct timecode with the audio in sync, however the audio and video in and out points do not line up with the matched frame clip.  So you can't just use the overwrite edit with the matched framed merged clip.  Once you've matched frame with the incorrectly referenced audio, you can not use the replace edit command again, it gets grayed out.


      2. This same bug occurs when find an merged clip in the browser, creating in and out points and using the replace clip command from bin. The audio is out of sync and replace edit command becomes grayed out.


      3. Once the mismatch in the audio sync has occurred from the replace with match frame, the merged clip in the bin when loaded into the source monitor shows the inpoint and out point of the video, and a separate in and out point of the audio, which is not aligned properly like it was when it was originally created. Only when the in and out point of the audio and video are manually changed does the merged clip become a unified clip again. (one in and out point referencing both audio and video)


      if anyone else can replicate this bugs it would be appreciated.

      My clips have been manually synced in premiere, would be interested to see if pluraleyes' behavior is any different, but I don't have access to pluraleyes for Premiere if anyone can test.



      MacPro 4.1 OSX 10.8.2

      Nvidia 4000 for Mac

      Cuda 5.0.37

      GPU Driver

      Matrox MXO2 mini with Max