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    CreateChildSymbol, then Delete it?




      I'm trying to delete a symbol after I have created it. At the start of my main timeline, I can create a symbol without any issues. But trying to then remove that symbol is a problem, it just wont do it... It keeps added the same symbol one under another (timeline is on a loop). This is on my first frame:


      sym.createChildSymbol("Food_Spanner", "DropPoint"); 
      var food_sym = Food_Spanner.getSymbolElement();


      Then about 15 frames later:


      food_sym.deleteSymbol(); //nothing
      //so I try this:
      sym.getSymbol("Food_Spanner").deleteSymbol(); //nothing
      sym.getSymbol(food_sym).deleteSymbol(); //again, nothing


      What am I doing wrong here?