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    PRE 11 Occasionally loses the clip monitor

    jammin109 Level 1

      I've been using Premiere Elements 11 (under Windows 7, 64 bit) for about a month and have a minor frustration -- the clip monitor window sometimes disappears!  I can't recreate the problem, and it certainly doesn't happen all the time, so I'm reluctant to author a bug report to Adobe,  Perhaps others have experienced this strange behavior.  BTW, I only use "expert mode".


      It happens when I'm  have video on the timeline and

      1. Trim some clips in the clip monitor (after expanding its size)

      2. Drag clip monitor to upper right quadrant of screen to get it out of the way

      3. Play back video on time line

      4. After playback, I return to Project Assets and attempt to open another clip but find that the clip monitor has disappeared.

      5.  I cannot figure out how to reinitialize the clip monitor, so I end up saving the project, exiting PRE, and restarting.


      Again, it doesn't happen all the time, perhaps only 1 time out of 4, but its a real nuiscane.

      Does anyone out there have an idea of a work around or what's causing it?