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    Starting a documentary, using PPro for the 1st time, any pro tips for workflow?


      I'm a documentary director and editor that is making the big switch for my next project.  For some background, I'm coming from the world of FCP 7 working with p2 DVCpro footage off a Panasonic HPX camera,  multiple editors who each have separate systems with duplicates of media to work from, and usually finish using Color, outputting to HDCAM (SR if necessary).


      For the new project the two editors will be working on Mac Pro Towers, OS 10.6.8, Dual Core 3Ghz Intel, 9GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 5770. The towers were bought in late 2007, so we can't upgrade to Mountain Lion because our chipset is barely outdated.

      We will be shooting the entirety of the doc on c300s, and eventually c100s.

      One of the main attractions for our switch is that the c300 footage drops in Premiere natively, and we will not need to duplicate our storage space to create 422 Pro Res clips. 


      Is this a mistake?  Does the long GOP format of the canon's mpeg format prove too incompatible for multiclipping, logging, cutting, and then color correct?


      What do I need to do to ensure that each editor can open each other's project files as seamlessly as possible? How do we avoid waiting for the audio to load in each time we pass project files back and forth?


      Because logging and organization are so important to us with the amount of footage we use, are there any bugs I should know of that delete markers or screw up the sync of multiclips?


      Thanks in advance for the advice and discussing topics that I'm sure have been covered here many times before.


      I look forward to all of your thoughts.