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    "Good" flag - and metadata in general

    thepossibility Level 1

      Newbie question –


      Is there some magic about the "Good" flag that I am missing, or is it -- as far as I can tell -- next to completely useless?


      Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a "good" flag (or my interpretation of it) – a quick way to mark clips that you like while reviewing footage with a director so you can easily find them when making cuts later.


      But I can't find any straightforward way of searching or filtering on them. In a project with over 1200 clips with nearly 100 bins, I need to be able to find these quickly. I've heard some people suggest "sorting by good and then copying to a new bin" – this makes no sense to me. All of my clips are already in a very nice subject-based structure and I don't need another unsorted bin with several hundred clips (or perhaps that's why they are called "bins"?).


      I'm sorry this sounds like a bit of a rant, but as a new Adobe customer I have to say I am quite dissatisfied with the anaemic metadata capabilities of Premiere Pro CS6.


      I'm hoping someone with more experience can enlighten me to what I'm missing, or suggest an alternative workflow or sorting strategy that allows me to:
      a) accumulate and review footage in an iterative manner over the course of 3 months while shooting a documentary

      b) have clips sorted and searchable by location/topic/content/"good" for who knows whatever cuts the director will want when we finish shooting.