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    spell check for kids using flash


      I am creating a spell check for kids using flash.

      The flash starts with a silhouettes of a word say B A N A N A and below it shows a jumbled up letters. The kids drags and drops each letter on top of the dark silhouettes. If it matches scores points.

      Any help in creating AS3 script will be apreciated. I did create one using mc and target mc and works fine when the mc is draged on to target mc. Only problem arises when there are duplicate letters.



      Thanks in advance

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          Ned Murphy Legend

          The same approach should work, you just need to think about what you use to check whether a drop is correct or not.  If there are multiples of the same letters, then you just want to check that the letter dropped matches the letter associated with the target.


          You could assign a property to each letter and target that is assigned the letter.  Then you just check if the letter properties of the dropped letter and the target match.

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            kisanbhat Newcomer

            The problem I am facing is with multiple letters. The first A in B A N A N A shld match with any A dragged and dropped by the kid.

            This won't work if I have three MC for each A with corresponding target MC

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              Ned Murphy Legend

              What I described will work as you describe wanting.  If every A movieclip has a property (name this property anything you want, like "myLetterValue")  with a value of "A" and every A-target movieclip also has a property with a value of "A", then you can use those properties to determine when any object with an "A" is planted on any target with an "A"


              So when you drop a letter on a target you compare the property of each to see if they are equal...  if(targetMC.myLetterValue == letterMC.myLetterValue){  // correct match  }