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    PRE 11 - Problem viewing large AVCHD on DVD containing menu

    jammin109 Level 1

      I really like the ability to burn short HD videos to regular DVD discs using the AVCHD option.  Its a great alternative to using expensive Blu-Ray discs and very useful for making "beta copies" and viewing them on my big screen tv.  I've done this successfully both with and without scene markers and menus, however, until now, I've only burned short, 5-8 minute videos.


      Today, I assembled 4 of these segments together for a near final, 25 minute (3.7 GB) video, complete with a few (4) scene markers and menu.  The rendering/burning process took awhile (perhaps 15-20 minutes) and appeared successful. But when I played the AVCHD DVD in my Blu-Ray player, I the menus appeared correctly, but when I selected "play movie" or "play scene", nothinhg would play.  Instead, the screen went dark, and, after a few seconds, the Blu-Ray player "started over" and read the disc and displayed the menu again.

      Afterwards,  I burned the same 25 minute/3.7GB video as AVCHD to DVD without a disc menu and everything was fine (and the scene markers even worked!)


      Anyone know if this

      1. A bug with Adobe (perhaps my 3.7 GB video is "too close"to the DVD's 4.7 GB capacity limit?)


      2. A problem with my Blu-Ray player (its an early generation Panasonic, but never had a problem before playing AVCHD DVDs, with or without menus)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I do not recall reading of such a Bug, but perhaps there have not been enough folk doing AVCHD onto DVD, to see this problem.


          If you could post a screen-cap of your Timeline, so that we can see all Markers, and also the Menu Set visible, maybe someone can see where things are off.


          Good luck,



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            jammin109 Level 1

            Thanks Bill.  Here's timeline (its a tad different from my original report as I've tweaked the video a bit)


            Total length  26:11

            5 scene markers at (approximate) at 00:40,  03:20.  04:49,  21:00, and 22:08


            Movie menu was “News Reel”, from “Movie Genre” collection

            (Also tried “Extreme”. From Sports collection with similar result.)

            i used a 3.24 MB photo as background with the movie menu along with the (default) looping music.

            PSE 1.JPG


            Here's screen capture of Share window.  Note

            PSE reported that 3.53 GB required to burn as AVCHD (on my 4.7 GB single sided DVD disc)


            PSE 2.JPG


            BTW the movie menus in the burned disc, when played on my HD television,  seemed to be fuzzier than expected, and probably in standard definition.  i seemed to recall in PRE 10 that the movie menus came in both HD and HD versions.  However with PRE 11, there doesn't seem to be a choice.  And, since they are now downloaded on demand, I assumed they would download the right version, based on project presets.  Perhaps my problem is use of a SD movie menu with a HD video?

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              jammin109 Level 1

              Thanks John

              I understand that there is file structure overhead etc, for DVD so that full 4.7 GB isn’t available and that 4.38 GB is a better rule of thumb.  Nevertheless, PSE thought it could fit my AVCHD video onto the DVD so I suspect that it’s not correctly calculating space requirements.


              Note that PSE calculated 3.53 GB to video with menus, and 3.49 GB without menus, and that AVCHD without menus worked, so I’m suspecting that my menus took more space than estimated.


              And another surpise (to me) was that my source files --  the four AVCHD files that comprise the segments of my video – are almost 5 GB!


              Segment 1         915,111  KB

              Segment 2     1,679,860  KB

              Segment 3     1,386,371  KB

              Segment 4         977,964  KB

              Total                4,959,306  KB


              So, even though I did not check the “Fit contents to available space” box, PSE must perform some additional compression when burning the AVCHD format DVD.