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    how to activate the "turntable" 3D preview

    jmlg12 Level 1

      I've lost the 3D preview of my files in Adobe Bridge...


      In Bridge CS5 when previewing an OBJ or DAE file, Bridge is able to compute the thumbnail and allow to play a "turntable" animation making the 3 model rotating along the up axis...


      I've freshly installed a CS6 MasterCollection on a Pc running win7 x64 and it dont runs, I get the good thumbnail in the "content" panel, but only the generic icon in the "preview" panel...and without the start/stop movie button...


      Has anyboby an idea to activate this feature ?


      Could it be an issue with my Graphic card ?

      I try running Bridge on a Demm Precision M4700 with a Nvidia Quadro K2000M (Kepler)


      Many thanks