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    Blank form from trusted folder/privileged location with enhanced security


      See http://superuser.com/questions/459138/adobe-reader-not-loading-form-content


      When opening an fdf from a command line the form fields are blank even though there is data in the fdf and the pdf is located in a mnaully entered trsuted folder.


      Steps to reproduce:


      1. Clean install a Windows 7 PC (or use a virtual box)
      2. Map a network drive to a shared folder with a subfolder e.g. c:\test\docs becomes m:\docs
      3. Set security permissions to allow full control to everyone
      4. Add an fdf and a matching pdf file in the subfolder
      5. Manually add m:\docs to each of the trusted folders in the trust manager registry settings
      6. Ensure that Enhanced Security is on
      7. Run a command line to open the fdf file



      Expected result:


      • pdf is opened in Adobe Reader with form fields filled out with data



      Actual results:


      • pdf is opened with blank fields
      • 'Yellow bar' appears asking to add document to trusted locations


      It appars that Adobe Reader XI is ignoring the privileged locations entries in the registry. Adding the document via the 'yellow bar' adds the individual document, with the same folder, to the privileged locations but means that the process has to be repeated for every document that needs to be opened from the folder.


      Note that I've submited this as a bug but had no reply.