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    PS CS6 Type tool is backwards

    neil@the-brightside Level 1

      Photoshop CS6 (reinstalled fresh today from Creative cloud)

      Mac OSX 10.8.2

      Macbook Pro

      Fontcase 2.1.1


      Hi I am having trouble with the type tool. it is putting all punctuation at the start of the sentance.


      Example i want to type


      This is doing my head in!


      What i get is:


      !This is doing my head in (exclamation mark at the start of the sentance)


      So far I have:

      Reinstalled photoshop

      Changed the language prefs from East Asian and Middle Eastern (both give the same result)

      Trashed all my prefs

      Checked other apps (all fine)

      Used different typefaces (all act the same)


      I found this screenshot on a forum that looks perfect:


      photoshop fix.jpg


      Howerver my paragraph panel does not have that option.


      I have read this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1056427

      And there is nothing there to help.


      Anyone help me out with this?