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    Rendering problem - keying is ok in Premiere but not in final render

    7marcin Level 1



      I have problem with keying in Adobe Premiere CS5 with UltraKey.


      After several hours of try and error I've found good looking keying. But when I render my movie, there are many artifacts in it. You can download a frame - it's the same frame in movie player and Premiere:




      I've tried many codecs and nothing works - why everything is ok in Premiere, but when I render it - it looks like other keying settings?


      Is there anything "easy" I can do? A magic "switch" that should be turned on or off?


      I know that I can copy my clips and mask eyes, but I have 100+ clips and it would be very time consuming.


      I don't want to change keying settings, because they look good in Premiere - why they don't look good in final movie?


      I've rendered with h264, 2pass, vbr, best settings, at various Mpbs and other codecs - nothing works. So the problem is not in codecs but in the way Premiere renders the movie.


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