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    premiere poor quality

    Alexandru Moraras

      Hello Everyone.



      I have an issue with the title and regular images in premiere pro cs5. First off, I have to say that I am edditing videos for tv broadcast, so it's regular DV quality, I'm in Europe, so it's 720x576 DV PAL. Now, the images when importing them they look very poor, even though I have the preview quality to full and I import images that are maybe 2000x2000 pixels or more. I resize them, and there is where it all goes bad, I looks very bad. The same thing happens with regular text created in premiere using the text tool, the edges look blurred out. I know that DV is not HD, and after that the compression can lower the video quality, and afterward the compresion that out friends at the broadcast facility are doing, but the thing is that other tv stations that also broadcast at regular settings DV PAL, NOT HD, look a lot better, I mean, the titles, images and everything.

      Does anyone know a way to get a good quality video out of prepiere pro cs5, so that the text and still images look god, and not blurry or unreadable?