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    Integrating Webhelp in a Java Application


      In order to use Robohelp-generated help with my java application I need to compile, incorporate and distribute the file RoboHelp_CSH.java with my application. In addition I would like to make some modifications to the file. However the source includes the statement "Copyright© 2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved." at the top of the file. This statement appears to prevent re-distribution which would seem to negate the purpose of providing this file in the first place. How are other users dealing with this?





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          Hi David. You'll have seen that various people have responded to the same query on the HATT forum. If I were you I'd stick to asking RoboHelp related queries here in future.


          For anyone else who may have a similar issue in the future, the consensus seems to be that your RH licence gives you the right to redistribute whatever file is required to access the help. However changing a file would be a copyright contravention. If in doubt, contact Adobe Support.