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    Silent Security Updates Failing For 11.4 users

    web1c Level 1

      The process of installing Flash security updates silently seems be broken because Adobe continues to change version numbers so many times.  It appears that 11.4.287 users can only get the latest security updates by moving to the new 11.5.x version and whenever the version number is changed, the update is not silent.  It pops up a splash screen asking the user if they want to update even though the policy was previously set to install updates automatically.  The user may not have either the desire nor the security permissions to install Flash updates.  If they have admin rights, and choose to install the update, then they frequently end up installing piggy-backed software such as Chrome to McAfee that is enabled by default and then need to get help from the help desk to remove it.

      The users do not even get prompted of the update until after a reboot that may not come until weeks after the security update is available, so in the meantime, they are surfing the web with the unpatched version of Flash even though their Flash updates settings were set to:  "Allow Adobe to install updates."

      This is not a safe process.


      Please either allow critical security updates to install silently even if it is a new version number or stop updating the version numbers so frequently.  This is very frustrating since we had this exact same issue only weeks ago going from 11.3 to 11.4.


      Why is this still happening?  Can this be fixed?