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    Editbox too small in german version


      Indesign Problem.JPG

      I think the problem needs not much explanation.

      The editfileds are simply too small to display its values, requiring me to scroll, although there is enough space.



      Gerhard Sachs

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          Peter Spier Legend

          I don't believe this is restricted to the German version. You can request wider fields at Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            Laubender Rockstar

            @Gerhard – what version of InDesign, what Windows OS are you using?


            See the following screen from InDesign CS5 on Mac OS 10.6.8 where all input fields have the same size (in contrast to your screen):




            Even on my Mac version of InDesign it's ridiculous that the fields are not wider…
            Same goes for the "Save As" dialog:




            The input field should grow, if one expands the dialog, but it doesn't:




            And I'm sure that there are plenty of examples where a little tweak in the code could enhance usability…



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              post@mtspp.de Newcomer

              It is obvious that InDesign has some problem with floating point conversions, probably from inch to metric systems. In the screenshots it can be seen that sizes are 10.001 mm instead of 10mm.

              I would never enter such values, InDesign changed my input of 10mm to 10.001mm.

              Apparently the Editbox was designed by a person that was not aware of this problem.


              The interesting question is :

              Is it really a feature request to have readable editfields ?

              I consider this as a bug report.


              Gerhard Sachs

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                Peter Spier Legend

                THere was an old bug that did that. What version of ID are you running and is it fully patched?

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                  post@mtspp.de Newcomer

                  I am using InDesign CS6 V8.0.1.

                  Frequently I use existing documents and copy them, so maybe the number conversion problem came from this old document.

                  In a new document the numbers are correct.


                  Please remember that I did not complain about number conversion, but about the editboxes.

                  There is a lot of free space around the boxes.

                  Being a software developer itself, I assure you that such a problem would be solved within 5 minutes on my desk.

                  The time writing to this issue is already a multitude of this.


                  Gerhard Sachs

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                    Peter Spier Legend

                    I know you didn't complain about the rounding, but a lot of users did and understanding where it came from might be useful. My recollection, which could easily be wrong, is that it's only a dispaly problem and that the "real" value is used in calculations, but it can certainly be an issue with copying the numbers from the fields, I would think. I trip through .idml might fix it, by the way. See Remove minor corruption by exporting


                    As far as the size of the fields, I don't think anyone disagrees that it would be nice if they were larger. I suspect there may be some limitations due to other languages though, that is the dialogs are set up in their basic form and labels added for all the supported languages, some of which may be quite long compared to English or German.