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    Actions in timeline


      I have a project that i am working on. Needs to be done by this weekend. But i can not get the timeline to work right. I have 10 pictures. the first one i converted to a symbol and then put the other 9 inside of its time line. So when it get to the end of that timeline, i want to repeat again. so the beginning of the image is at 0:10, which i assume is 1000 or 10000 and the end is at 0:16. You instert sym.play(1000); it does not go back to the beginning of the image, just stops and does nothing.


      Now i have seen where you can use a lable. would that be the name of the file or do i have to insert a label name somewhere?


      Update. Found out how to add a lable, but still unable to get the pictures to play from beginning. im using sym.play(Start); as my label and putting the trigger at the end of the time line. is that correct or no?