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    Forms in iOS/Android


      I've developed forms in LiveCycle ES2, and they work as I expect on a desktop computer.  The user can fill in the form, sign the form, and click the button to email the form back.  There is no server-side processing or anything going on, it is just a discrete singular form.


      When I open the same form in iOS or Android Adobe Reader, I cannot fill out the form or click the button. Are there any standards for how I need to save this in LiveCycle ES2?  I've tried dynamic, I've tried static, I've tried compatibility with 7.1 and before, I've tried compatibility with 9.1.  Is there a term for what I'm trying to do?  I don't want to connect with a LiveCycle server.  I don't want to interact with any sort of server data. I just want my forms to show up in iOS or Android Adobe Reader and see the fillable fields turn blue and be able to click in them.  Thanks!