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    Document highlights have time lag

    Dakes35 Level 1

      The system I'm doing recordings on has a document viewer which has a highlighting function among other annotation functions. Whenever I record these functions in Captivate 2, their is a time lag before the highlight (or annotation) appears. So as I drag the cursor to create a highlight, nothing records and then the highlight appears after I finish dragging the cursor. It's a similar function to doing a highlight in Word (yet I tried to record in Word and it works fine).

      Any ideas on how I can work around this would be appreciated as I'd like to give a realistic recording for potential users.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi there Dakes35 and welcome to the User Community!

          For purposes of recording, have you tried pressing the function key F9 to force full-motion video to start, and function key F10 to stop it? If not, here is the order of things as I might try them.

          1) Move mouse pointer to the point of beginning, press the PRTSCR key to force a capture (while keeping the mouse pointer still)

          2) Press F9 to begin full-motion capture,

          3) Immediately left-click and move the cursor to begin highlighting

          4) When the selection is complete, stop the mouse and keep it quiet.

          5) With the mouse stationary, press the function key F10 to stop full-motion recording

          6) Press the PRTSCR key once more to force a capture with the mouse in the ending position.

          *Note: The beginning and ending stationary captures are a good idea any time you are going to use full-motion capture for any purpose - it helps stabilize mouse, avoiding the "jitters" when transitioning into or out of full-motion capture slides.

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            Dakes35 Level 1
            Thanks Larry for the welcome and advice.

            Your suggestion certainly works better. I had tried full motion but without the print screen actions either side.

            I still get a lag and in one case the annotation appeared in reasonable time but didn't appear in my final product. I can't get a consistant method of recording going.

            I've been using Captivate for about a year and haven't had this problem before.

            I'll keep trying, but I'm wondering if it is a hardware problem. Not enough RAM?


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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi again!

              Yes, it is possible it is a "resources" issue. Have you tried to open your Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), then publish the output and watch the task manager to see if it is "pegging" on you?

              The only other suggestion I have at this time is to send me the file and let me take a look. If you can do that without getting crosswise with company "NDA" policy, send me an email (see my profile for address) and I will reply with a link to my http uploader.

              all the best~
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                Dakes35 Level 1
                Thanks Larry. I'll be in touch.
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                  Dakes35 Level 1
                  Note, if you have a similar problem, the solution comes with adjusting the mouse and slide timings to speed things up.

                  Also note annotations refers to text, as well as highlights or drawings. Anything that requires you to dragthe mouse across the document.

                  The image viewer in question is "Workplace 3.5.1"