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    'Disconnected from Network' exasperating problem!!


      There are many aspects of InDesign CS5 which are very helpful but it is so annoying to have this 'disconnected from network' error popping up all the time when working on a project! You would think ADOBE could resolve this issue considering the price they charge for this software.  Never encountered any such problem when using non-adobe publishing software.  I see on this forum there is a wide variety of recommendations as to what to do to try and resolve the issue but regardless ADOBE needs to get their act together and resolve this issue.  I also see that some replies are very 'smug' and not helpful at all. Until the issue is resolved with a newer release then maybe ADOBE should be stating on their packaging 'WARNING: SOFTWARE TENDS TO CRASH AND/OR DISCONNECT FROM NETWORK WHEN IN USE'. I realize this is a non-tech support forum but I can sympatize with all the others experiencing a similar problem and some of the 'smug' answers given to those who are experiencing the problem are not helpful at all.  And now it's 'time to disconnect'........