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    Pre-comp issue via Dynamic Link (CS6) (Corrupted layer cache)

    cswaim080880 Level 1



      I had this issue with a sequence that I sent out to After Effects from Premiere Pro.  The AE comp, when viewed in Premiere, was garbled for several pre-comps which exists 4-5 levels down from the originally imported comp.  And it was only these deeply nested pre-comps that were getting all garbled (like bad TV static)


      There is a specific reason I pre-comped as many levels as I did and I'd didn't want to unpack/re-do it all.  So, after a lot of run around of purging AE RAM and Premiere's render files…finally I purged the AE Global Cache and that fixed it.


      That might have fixed my issue, but it seems like a bit a brute force solution for an issue with a couple of layers. Is there any way to purge the cache for a single layer? 


      The Global Cache is there to increase preformance and if you have to purge it completely when one layer messes up, it almost defeats the purpose/gains of that increase.  Any insights you might have would be greatly appreciated.  If you need more details please don't hesitate to ask.  Thanks.