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    creating XML files in a userfriendly program?

    stephan.k Level 1
      Hello Forum

      I am creating a simple application that runs of data in an extenal XML file.

      The client has not enough money to create a database and the php middleware to facilitate the XML file creation so I am trying to look into a way for him to create the XML from Excel perhaps...? The person is not the most computer literate but I think if there' s a popular or somewhat userfriendly program that I could configure to take a bunch of rows (name, title, link, description) and export that data properly configuered as an XML file which he can then FTP up to the server that would be a fantastic alternative...

      Does anyone have any good (or bad) experiences with such an approach? Any recommendations for software that regular people would know how to use? (I would like to avoid having to sit down with him and explain him the beauty of XML...)

      Any advice is much appreciated.

      Thank you for your time.