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    Premiere Pro CS6 crash everytime I close a project

    Mariano . . . Level 1


      I got 32 different projects with lots of AE links in the timeline (more than 80% is AE links). The problem occurs when I start the queue process for rendering in media enconder.

      Everytime I send a project to enconder, when I want to close premiere pro to swtich to another project and do a big batch render list on encoder, premiere crash with a "sorry a serious error has occur" message.


      Even if the queue encoder is empty but the app is open the premiere crash, whenever you quit, close project or open a new project.


      It's taking a lot of time to reopen, wait for the media to come online and consolidate links, then send queue then wait for the crash the reopen etc... I making corrections on this 32 different projects and I need to batch enconde all of them everytime the clients ask me for a change.


      I feel is payback time... I just switch from FCP to premiere and I was loving how fast I was doing this project working everythin in adobe over FCP+AE+Protools was so fast until now.


      Any suggestion? thanks


      Macpro 4,1 Quad core intel xeon 2.66Ghz


      16G RAM

      ATI radeon HD 5770

      Blackmagic Studio HD