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    dual sided

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      this will most likely only apply to a few people when using single sided objects like a plane a patch or a nurbs object. when you make an object in your 3d program thats one sided its not necessary to make it double sided before exporting. bring it in director single sided and change visibility to both. this should help to avoid increasing the file size of your 3d object needlessly
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          _lw Level 1
          Using "visibility=#both" will render every model from both sides which means that the amount of polygones that have to be rendered will be doubled. Compared to the amount of polygons that are rendered when you use doubled geometry and "visibility=#front" more polygones have to be rendered.

          Lets say there is a simple plane with two polygons. When you render it with "visibility=#both" it will render four polygones. If you use doubled geometry (two polygones for each side), there are four polygones but only two are rendered at the same time.

          When you have a model with 1000 polygones, copy the model, flip the nomals of the model and merge it with the original model, it will now have 2000 polygones but the maximum number of visible polygones is 1000. So filesize will become bigger and performance better.
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            I use a lot of curved surfaces nurbs that are single sided if I make it double sided in max the file size goes up a great deal. when I merge the points together on said double sided object. the geometry takes a hit that I dont like. the whole purpose for me using nurbs is the flexibility speed and the smooth surface. merging points together causes me to lose that smooth surface. this logic may sound illogical but the surface director creates isnt as big as the one I would export. I was honestly surprised how well director followed the contours of my objects. since a variety of them or actually curves that I drew in the viewports