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    Presenter 8 quiz error when editing the quiz.


      I have recently upgraded to Presenter 8 as well as to Windows 7 64-bit and PPT 2010 32-bit.  Whenever I go into the quiz manager to edit an existing quiz, I receive this error:  Adobe Presenter has encountered an unexpected problem while working with your presentation.  Try saving your work to a new file and restart PowerPoint.


      I have tried resaving my PPT and still the problem exists.  This has happened with PPTs and quizzes that were previously created in Presenter 7 as well as for new quizzes I have created in Presenter 8.


      After installing the upgrade, I initially had problems publishing the courses to the My Document\My Adobe Presentation folder.  I had received the same error message.  I read suggestions to create a new Windows profile.  I worked with our IT department to do that, and I was then successful at publishing but now need this problem with quiz editing resolved.


      Please help with any suggestions as I frequently update courses with edited quizzes.  If there is no remedy available, I will need to go back to using Presenter 7.