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    <cfsearch> Lengthening Solr's Summary?


      I've been trying to get a longer summary from Solr in CF10.


      In CF9, I had to stick with Verity due to the very short solr summary length.  Now I don't have that choice.


      I'm very happy with Solr's speed, but need a longer summary.


      The doc shows several attributes that would seem to make a difference ( contextPassages, contextBytes ) but they don't seem to have any affect.


      FWIW, I also tried contextHighlightBegin and contextHighlightEnd, and they didn't seem to work either.


      Am I doing something wrong?  Has anyone made these to work?


      Your helpful reply is appreciated!


      - Don

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          rhysTriz Level 1

          Hi Don, you have to be careful about what you are asking in terms of field length in Solr.  The summary field is defined as a text field in Solr under CF9/10.  Because its a text field, it is what is "tokenized" meaning it is broken up into its base parts (words).  There is a maxFieldLength in the solrconfig.xml file for your collection.  It defaults to 10000 meaning 10000 tokens, anything exceeding that is truncated (meaning the tokens are left off).  However, be careful about making this too high as it will impact performance. I'm not sure whether this include "noise" words like is, and, but, a, etc..


          Here is the link to the description of the options I am discussing on the solr website:




          Hope this helps....



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            doncx Level 1

            Rhys -


            Somehow, I missed your reply last month.  Thank you for it.


            Upon further investigation, I realize a stupid error.  The field that I want expanded is "context".


            I didn't realize this at first because there was no such field in the results.  Only the summary appeared like the old "context".


            However, I located the page at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusion/9.0/Developing/WSe9cbe5cf462523a0-5bf1c839123792503 fa-8000.html and have now added "context" to my results.


            But it's only a hundred bytes or so long.  More!  I need more!  For the life of me, I can't figure out how to make this column longer.


            When I run http://localhost:8983/solr on my server, I can search a term in the collection and get a *very* long contextual result.  How can I get more of that into my CF9 or CF10 <cfsearch> results?


            I'd be most grateful for any further assistance.


            - Don