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    Open link (PDF) in new window from WebHelp custom skin button

    Douglas_Campbell Level 1

      This question relates to my work with FM>RH integration. But the task I'm trying to accomplish is something specifically done in RH with customization of WebHelp skins, so I'm posting in this forum. I'm running RH9 on Windows XP Pro.


      We have recently replaced WebWorks with RH and finally have the mapping files set up to generate Help from our FM source files. Celebration was short, because then we realized that our users wanted a PDF option. We haven't done any mapping to create PDFs from RH, and that seems kind of silly anyway, since we have superior PDF generation from the FM files.


      So I set about making a custom button in the header of a WebHelp skin that will link to a PDF. I accomplshed that work, but its behavior falls short of the functionality I'd like to see. Currently, you click on the button and it opens the PDF in the browser window of the Help system. I want it to open in a new window, so I can keep the experience clean for the users, separating Help and PDF. I don't know if this is possible.


      Here is where I am at. To create button I navigated to:


      Project Set-up/Skins/NEW SKIN/WebHelp Skin Editor/ Main/NEW BUTTON


      When I choose the edit icon to customize the new button, there is an option to choose Link or JavaScript. I got the PDF to open inside the Help browser by just using the Link option and specifying the PDF. I have tried to use the JavaScript option without success. My JS may be wrong, but when I choose inline JS option and place anything there, it turns all the navigation buttons to gobbledy ****. Specifying an external JS file doesn't work at all.


      Any direction or help would be appreciated.