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    Problems with data merge in CS5 pulling in all merged fields


      Good afternoon,

      We are having some problems with an InDesign CS5 file that is utilizing the data merge functionality. We produce a quarterly piece, and last quarter we were able to pull all data merged fields correctly and publish the piece. This quarter, we updated the excel file with the data we use in the publication, saved it over the previous CSV file that was linking to InDesign, and updated that link in InDesign. Some of the data merged fields are pulling, but a lot of them are not. We tried merging without previewing as that is a known bug in CS5, checking our InDesign file from last quarter which is also now not working, unlinking and relinking the affected data merge fields, and making sure we've removed all extra spacing in the excel and CSV files as that sometimes produces a problem with data merge. Unfortunately a lot of the data merged items are still not pulling. Any suggestions or tips on how to fix this problem? Thanks so much!