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    Flowable Text overlapping signature fields


      I'm new to using LiveCycle and I went through a course a few months back on how to use it. I work for a police department and we recently installed mobile laptops in our fleet cars so I'm in the processing of revamping all of our police forms; officers wanted them to be more user-friendly and have basically a more professional look to them.


      I took me a bit to figure out how to allow the text box to expand to allow flowable text (often times, officer's narratives can be 2-3+ pages long), but I have that part figured out! The part I'm having difficulty with now is when that text is pushed down the page, it overlaps my signature fields at the bottom of the form instead of pushing those fields down, too. I have my signature fields wrapped in a subform (not sure if that's the "right" way to go about it or not?). I'm sure there's a quick fix to this, I'm just not sure what it is and I'm the only one in all our City departments that uses LiveCycle to create forms.


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated (and I'm sure my boss will be grateful as well as I've been talking back to my computer all week!!!!)


      I'll be more than happy to email the form to whoever would like to take a peek!