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    RHTML 8 WebHelp Search in Chrome not working


      We are running RoboHTML 8, with output to WebHelp. The project does include PDF files. I mention

      this because of other Discussions I've read looking for a solution.


      The output is delivered to customers in a WAR and it serves just fine from the server in IE, FireFox,

      and, even though technically not supported, in Chrome. However, in Chrome, while the TOC and Index

      are ok, Search does not work from the server. (I did notice repainting issues when selecting multiple

      entries in succession in the Index - as noted in another Discussion.)


      What I mean by "does not work" is that when I type in a word ("expression", for example) and click Search, nothing happens.

      The Search field is highlighted in a thin red line, so perhaps it is related to a security issue?


      I have used Peter Grainge's Snippet to run the help output locally in Chrome and it runs fine. However,

      Search does not work in Chrome when running the help locally.


      I tried deleting the CPD and then opening the project and regenerating, but that did not

      make any difference.


      I saw another Post that said to try RH 10, but our manager said that upgrading is

      not a first choice if another way to fix can be found.


      Can anyone help please?