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    ID CS5 Text Threading Issue


      Hi All - I've searched all the help boards I can find and I'm no closer to figuring this one out.  I've been using ID for several years and haven't encountered this problem before - any help would be much appreciated! My threaded text frames aren't flowing correctly - they're leaving big gaps at the middle/bottom of the frame and then starting at the top of the the next page - the word wrap is just totally off.  It's happening in different places and with no discernable pattern. There are no extra layers, no hidden images, I've tried cutting from Word, cleaning in Notepad and pasting from there, but that didn't solve it so it's not a Word issue... If I add a text frame and flow through it I can manage to shift the text into the right spot, but this is a long doc and that's not going to work for long...  Any ideas? Thanks!