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    Help needed

    keberg Level 1

      I try to make a timeline with all the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. I have made everything ready in Illustrator with text and pictures. I have then exported parts of all timelines as png, and imported into Edge.

      I am a newbee to Egde, so I need som help.

      The idea is to click on forward and backward in time to see all winners, but I have problems with the actions on the timeline.

      You have to click serveral times, and the intro comes everytime even if the timeline goes on. I dont understand why.

      I just put together a test tonight so you can see what I mean. (There will be another layout and text on the first page, this is just a test)

      I uploaded it to http://www.bergtatt.no/nobel/index.html


      Any help in getting this to work would be fantastic!


      I can share the folder on my Dropbox if anyone can help.




      Kjell Erik Berg