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    font change not appearing in Autonumber

    rlauriston Level 1

      FM10, Windows 7 64-bit. Inherited documents, template has evolved over maybe 15 years so there's a lot of legacy cruft.


      I have a Bullet1 paragraph tag. Its Autonumber Format is l\t (that's a lowercase L before the backslash). The Character Format for the autonumber is Bullet. The font for the Bullet character tag was once upon a time Zapf Dingbats but it gets remapped to Adobe Pi Std.


      On my predecessor's machine, Bullet1 had a round bullet, maybe because he had a different Zapf Dingbats, I don't know (machine has been wiped so I can't check it). On my machine, instead of a bullet there's a question mark.


      I was unable to get font mapping to work (see "Zapf Dingbats bad font replacement in FM10" thread) so I hacked Adobe Pi Std to add the bullet glyph from Zapf Dingbats BT Regular and map it to l. (For future reference, I had to reboot before the font change was active.)


      If I type an l and format it with the Bullet character tag, it appears as a bullet, but Bullet1 still has a question mark in place of a bullet.