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    Exporting XML from PP CS6 to Resolve. Doesn't work no matter what we try!

    BradyHall1 Level 1

      My colorist and I have been pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to get this project into Resolve. I am running the latest version of PP Cs6 on a Windows PC. Edited the feature in native R3D format, 4.5k, everything was smooth as silk. I prepped the project by breaking it into 20 minute reels, removing all effects and speed changes, collapsing it down to 2 video tracks and 1 audio tracks and exporting an XML.


      Colorist is running the newest build of Resolve 9 on a Mac and tried to open the XML but it doesn't work. It only shows one clip on the timeline and nothing else. I tried exporting an EDL and it loads a ton of stuff in, but the clips are not right and seem to be the whole takes. He has tried to open in FCP to remake the XML, but it won't open there either. I even tried finding and replacing all the .R3D file extensions in the XML to "_M.MOV" to make it use the proxies instead but no dice.


      Is there any way to make this work? I feel like people go from Premiere to Resolve all the time with no hassle. Since we're both using the latest builds I am wondering where the hangup is. I feel like its within Premiere but I don;t know what to mess around with at this point.


      Any assistance is appreciated!