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    Maybe not mission critical, but you know... MaxThon and debugger plugin

    Gaius Coffey Level 2

      So, I was absolutely overjoyed about six months ago when I finally realised you could configure FB to point to browsers other than IE and FIreFox for debugging, and have been switching between Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox happily ever since - with a lot of benefits to me as I like to have documentation open in one browser, test in another etc. Also very useful for testing conferencing stuff as you can have different user sessions in each of the browsers without conflicting.




      Then I updated my BIOS and Windows put in this little link on my desktop to download some more browsers and I thought, "well, why not?"




      Now I am testing against Opera too, but _not_ MaxThon.


      Weirdly, every other browser I have is on 11.5 debugger plugin, but MaxThon is resolutely on 11.3 non-debugger. I've been to FlashPlayer download and downloaded the latest debuggers, but still nothing.


      I've a nasty suspicion it may be like Chrome which uses some godawful, concocted, custom system to do something unwanted for no good reason but unlike Google, there aren't enough people who care enough to find out.


      Which is where I come in...


      Anybody know how to get debugger plugin to play nicely with MaxThon?