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    WebHelp on Unix server

    hurdl1 Level 1
      Hi, this problem has been raised in earlier forum posts (e.g., by rlo0323 on 4/19/07) but my version of it has perhaps a unique wrinkle or two.

      In RH 7, I use 'DHTML > Java Applet > Pure HTML' format to publish skinless WebHelp on a Unix (Sun 1 Solaris) server. I publish w/out a skin to avoid other display problems (w/ auto-reloading). When I view the WebHelp over IE, all looks fine. In FF, however, the Index and Search tab content displays in the telltale 'alphabet list' format described by others here, which seems to indicate that Javascript/DHTML has been disabled. Curiously, this happens in FF only over the server connection. When I view the same WebHelp through FF locally, all looks fine (i.e., looks the same as it does in IE). I'm wondering if the FF display issue is tied to the (Unix) server platform? Are there any modifications I can make in RH pre- or post-output to correct this server-side display behavior in FF?

      Thanks for any help/info you can provide.