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    swf works on server, but not locally?

    stephan.k Level 1
      Hello Forum

      It seems like security protocols have change in the past few months? I am able to test the swf from flash and also the swf on the server without a problem. What doesn't work is a swf launched locally on my desktop within the flash player as well as in the browser embedded in html. Is this normal? I'd like to be able to test the swf locally embedded in html to avoid having to constantly upload the new swf.

      There is no warning coming up when I view the html page...?

      I am using: :
      - flash 8, actionscript 2
      - Firefox
      - allowscript access: always
      - loading local xml files for the navigation and the content.
      - Communicating between javascript and flash with simple getURL commands
      Any idea what could be causing this and what I could do to change it so that I can view the swf/HTML locally?

      Thank you