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    Google Maps


      I am having trouble getting a working solutions for loading Google maps in Edge. I followed the MixItBaby tutorial at Adobe TV and I can load a map using an iframe.


      The problem is that I am using phonegap as well. Once I publish using Phonegap and test on a phone the iframe launches in a seperate browser window which is not what I want.


      I have looked at using Phonegaps child browser plugin and or using a jquery google map plugin. I can't seem to get any of these going from within edge as all of the instructions are written as though you are using a straight HTML file and not Edge. I don't want to leave the edge file.


      So in short has anyone loaded a jquery Google map in edge rather than using an iframe or has anyone used child browser in edge?

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          littlewing@ Level 1

          I have not been able to solve this problem. In the hope that someone may have the answer here is the code:


          I am loading the required files with yepnope. I know this works as I have done the same for cookies.






          This is the function that should load the map into the div mapContainer which is inside the symbol map.


          ( function($) {

                  // we can now rely on $ within the safety of our "bodyguard" function


                              $('Stage_mapContainer_id').gmap().bind('init', function(ev, map) {

                    $('Stage_mapContainer_id').gmap('addMarker', {'position': '57.7973333,12.0502107', 'bounds': true}).click(function() {

                              $('Stage_mapContainer_id').gmap('openInfoWindow', {'content': 'Hello World!'}, this);




          } ) ( jQuery );


          I have the same code working in a seperate HTML file. I think the problem is with targeting the element ID?