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    i7 3770K vs i7 3820 - Video Card suggestion?


      My use : 90% Photoshop / LightRoom , 5% Premiere , 5% other, do NOT game at all.


      Hi Guys,


      My Budget for CPU is around $300-350 , what do you guys recommend? 2011 socket or 1155 that can be over clocked?


      I have another problem with Graphic card, I want to have 2 monitors and a TV (3 total) now from what i understand Nvidia cards only support 2 out and ATI cards dont play nice with Premiere, considering my budget on Video card is around 250$ , do you guys suggest, i go with Nvidia and 1 monitor + TV, ATI and since i dont use Premiere  TOO MUCH its ok? or any other option i am missing? for nVidia i was thinking GTX 570, good choice?  ATI i got no idea ! any recommendation is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you for your help.

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          Kris_24 Level 1

          I'm going with the 2011 socket for my own build, but I've noticed that the costs involved with that platform are higher overall, as it is considered a higher "bracket." Be warned that Ivy Bridge processers (which all go on LGA 1155) such as the 3770k you are considering don't overclock nearly as well as Sandy Bridge does/did. Despite this, I hear that the 3770k is still a nice CPU, and will likely give you quality performance even without overclocking. The 3830 is currently the only 2011 socket processor in your price range; the next step up leaps both in performance and cost - the $500+ range.


          5xx (Fermi) series cards can only run 2 monitors, correct. However, the 6xx series Kepler architecture cards can simultanously run up to 4 displays (3 if in 3D).


          With a $250 budget, I would recommend looking at the GTX 660. Performance wise, it will sit a little lower than the GTX 570, but it has the advantages I mentioned above. Otherwise, if you are willing to stretch the wallet a little bit, the GTX 660 Ti is a fantastic performer for $275-300 and is arguably better than the 570, plus improvements in power consumption and heat dissipation.. (Note that the cards I linked to are not recommendations for a specific card per se, I just grabbed the currently top rated card from each model at Newegg).


          Hope that helps,


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            Raul77tt Level 1

            Thanks for the reply Kris,

            hmmm i can stretch the wallet for GTX 660 Ti but next step up for 2011 is i7 3930K which is almost twice as more *about $570* i guess another thing i could do is go with i7 3820 and upgrade the CPU down the road?


            I was planning to get 32GB RAM, you think IF (need to count my coins ) i somehow manage to go with 3930K and go with like 8GB RAM and upgrade in few months is a smart choice? its just forking out over 1500 is really stretching it at this moment.


            this is a bench mark test for 3930K vs 3770K hmmm VERY close : http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/552?vs=551



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I have modified the query a bit, so you can select all i7-3xxx CPU's. If you click on the CPU column, the selected records are sorted by CPU. Clicking again reverses the sort. Or use Rank to sort the selected records on and scroll down to where the 3770 are in comparison to a 3930.


              See http://ppbm5.com/DB-PPBM5-2.php


              For use with mainly PS and LR, the i7-3770K seems more than enough and the benefit of the i7-3930K is not worth the price difference, IMO.


              Contrary to what you heard or read, the i7-3930K is much faster for PR use (limitation of the AnandTech and TomsHardware tests) than the i7-3770, apart from other limitations (number of PCI-e lanes and number of DIMM slots) as well, but for your intended use, my nod would go to the 1155 platform.