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    Transferring from computer to ereader.


      We have a pandigital ereader, and the books arent transferring from our computer to the ebook. We've been told its an Adobe problem, and we're wondering what's going on? We've spoken to Kobo, and its definatly on the Adobe side. Any help please?

      It says its downloading, then says we're not authorized adobe users, which we are. Confused!

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I'm going to make an assumption that your last statement indicates you're

          having the issue on the ereader side.


          There could be a couple of reasons why things aren't working.  First up is

          a question: did you register your copy of ADE with Adobe, using your Adobe

          ID?  If you did, that ID is embedded in each ebook file that resides on

          your computer.  If you did not, then you are 'anonymous', and that's not an

          accepted Adobe ID.  Next is a technical question: what is the wording of

          the error message you're getting?