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    Illustrator 16 and File Server

    ckube 93

      Dear All,


      All my files are on XServe 10.7.5, and I have 6 MacPro 2009 on a 1000BT network (2 GB on the server)

      3 MacPros Under 10.6.8 and 3 MacPros under 10.7.5.

      I have the following problem:

      With CS6:

      - on a MacPro 10.6.8, I work on a file, make changes and save it on the server-> OK

      - just after, on a MacPro 10.7.5, I open the same file, I make changes, copy it and want to close without save the file. I press cmd+w and Illustrator closes the file without any windows, and it saves the changes! If I open again the same file, make the same things, when I press cmd+w, the right windows appears and asks me i f I want to save, discard or escape...

      With CS5, no problem to work.

      Any idea?